Plan Your Experience

Important ticket information:

Tickets are $25 for this event, and are only sold online. No tickets will be sold at the gate! This price covers admission for one vehicle, allowing entry for everyone inside the vehicle. All guests entering the Carolina Pumpkin SPELLtacular are doing so at their own risk. The event, all producers, and partners, will not be held responsible for injuries or damage to vehicles. 


I can't find my ticket - how do I access my ticket?

Passage, our ticketing company, emails a ticket to the address you enter during the transaction process. Make sure you spell your email correctly while purchasing! Lots of people that experience ticketing issues made spelling mistakes at checkout. If you can't find your ticket, and a charge has been made to your account, reach our ticketing support at and they'll gladly assist you.


Safety policies:

Maximum speed of 5 mph.

No passing.

No riding in truck beds or trailers.

Guests may not exit their vehicle during the duration of the event.

Tailgates, doors, and hatchbacks must be closed.

Objects may not be thrown out of a vehicle’s window.

Smoking and alcohol are not permitted on event property.

A date I wish to attend is "Sold Out" - can I still get a ticket?

Unfortunately, our "Sold Out" dates are at maximum capacity. 

Is there an option to Trick-or-Treat?

Yes! Ingles, our presenting sponsor, will have a trick-or-treat station set up along our route, giving free candy to each child. Vehicles have the option to stop for trick-or-treating or simply opt-out. The choice is up to you!


Will any characters touch my vehicle or reach inside?

No, all of our characters have designated performance zones and will never make contact with or reach inside your car.


How long is the event?

We anticipate each guest experience to last approximately 20 minutes.


Can I have my windows rolled down?

Yes, we hope you will! Lots of our characters will speak to you and interact from afar – they’d love for you to speak and wave back. We do ask that everyone remains inside their vehicle for the entire experience.


Can passengers ride in the truck bed?

No. For your safety, we ask that everyone remain inside the vehicle, wearing a seatbelt at all times.

Can I take pictures? 
Yes, but please no flash photography. It ruins your picture, and the experience of other guests.


Am I able to leave the event and re-enter?

Your ticket only covers one trip through our event. If you wish to re-enter, you’ll need to purchase a new ticket.

What about the wait time to enter the event?

Lines for the event on weekends will be long. Please plan accordingly. We appreciate your patience.


Is this scary?

We’ve designed this event to bring spooky, Halloween fun to the entire family. You’ll drive along a breathtaking route of incredible lack-o-lantern displays while stopping along the way for immersive theatrical scenes starring characters from stories and movies that we all know and love. Our event is not intended to be very scary and at no point will any of our performers attempt to startle or scare you in any way. We promise you’ll be dancing in your seats, laughing, gasping with wonder, and screaming, “Happy Halloween” at the top of your lungs.


What happens if it rains?

The Carolina Pumpkin Spelltacular is open rain or shine. In the case of light to moderate rain, the show will be open. There will be no refunds or rescheduling. 


Are there refunds or exchanges?

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges.